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Tag: javascript functions

javascript arrow function

Arrow Functions (JavaScript)

With this method, we can define anonymous function expressions in a short way. Example: Output:  10 Same as above example: As seen, the function expression is defined with a shorter […]

javascript rest parameters

JavaScript Rest Parameters

When declaring the parameters of a function, the three-point and a parameter declared with a name give all the parameter values ​​as an array, except the parameters that were previously […]

javascript closures and recal function

Closures and Recall Functions

They are included in the functions defined in the functions that are sent as parameters for a function or function in a function defined in JavaScript functions. Therefore, they can […]

javascript -recursion of the function

Recursion of the function.

As with most programming languages, JavaScript functions can call themselves. However, in this case, it is also necessary to establish a control mechanism that will finish the job of calling […]