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Category: SQL

SQL Trigger Inserted,Deleted Example

SQL Trigger Inserted,Deleted Example

Information Table: 1 Jack Enderson 5000 Engineer 2 Maria Allen 7000 Architect 3 Oliver Pat 4000 Engineer 4 Rick Quenn 5000 Developer 5 Bob Quit 7000 Marketer 6 Allen Thin […]

SQL Server Square

SQL Server Square

1 Square: 1 2 Square: 4 3 Square: 9 4 Square: 16 5 Square: 25 6 Square: 36 7 Square: 49 8 Square: 64 9 Square: 81 10 Square: 100 […]

SQL Insert Into

SQL Insert Into

There are many ways to add data to any table in Microsoft SQL. By opening a table in edit mode, you can manually add it to the relevant columns on […]



FIRST_VALUE (), one of our new analytic functions that comes with SQL Server 2012, returns the first value in the sorted data set. LAST_VALUE () returns the last value in […]



The “LEAD ()” function returns the next incoming value based on the specified offset value. If no such value exists, it returns “default”. Returns “NULL” if “default” is not entered […]


The functions RANK and DENSE_RANK are very similar to the ROW_NUMBER function. The difference is the ORDER_BY statement and the connections between these functions. The RANK function returns the same […]



Row_Number () is used to create a sort column in the record list that results from a sql query. In short, the rotating list is a function that creates line numbers for sorting. We can also group these line numbers by any field. This function comes with SQL 2005.

sql Grouping Sets

SQL Grouping Sets

What is the Grouping sets statement on sql server? What is the difference with Union? In our queries that contain the Sum function, we combine different grouping schemes using the […]

SQL Cube and Rollup

SQL Cube and Rollup

We can use CUBE and ROLLUP statements together with the GROUP BY statement to create sub-aggregations in our queries that contain the aggregate function. CUBE and ROLLUP are very similar, […]

Production Products Table (SQL)

Production Products Table (SQL)

1 Trek 820 – 2016 9 6 2016 379,99 2 Ritchey Timberwolf Frameset – 2016 5 6 2016 749,99 3 Surly Wednesday Frameset – 2016 8 6 2016 999,99 4 […]

SQL Pivot and Unpivot

SQL Pivot and Unpivot

You can use the PIVOT and UNPIVOT relational operators to change a table-valued expression into another table.

SQL Join Type Examples

SQL Join Type Examples

SQL Join Type Example 1 SQL Join Type Example 2 SQL Join Type Example 3 SQL Join Type Example 4 SQL Join Type Example 5 SQL Join Type Example 6 […]

Bike Stores SQL Database

Bike Stores SQL Database

Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new database in SQL Server and execute the script to load the sample database. First, you need to download the […]