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javascript example

while loop examples

The program that prints numbers between 0-100 Growing Writing Program The double numbers are blue, the single numbers are yellow Find the even number of program Password control

Javascript for

JavaScript “For”

The JavaScript for loop is used for the codes that are desired to work until the number of repetitions. JavaScript cycles are used for continuous operation of the same code […]

javascript selecting

Selecting HTML Tags (JS)

document.getElementById (id): Returns the first record matching the id attribute.document.getElementsByName (name): Returns all records matching the name attribute.document.getElementsByTagName: Returns all records that match the tag name as an array.document.getElementsByClassName (className): […]

javascript example

JavaScript Loop Samples

Print numbers from 1 to 10 on the screen. print 10 times in the bottom. List the ones with numbers from 1-50 on the screen. Listing numbers from 1 to […]

javascript arrow function

Arrow Functions (JavaScript)

With this method, we can define anonymous function expressions in a short way. Example: Output:  10 Same as above example: As seen, the function expression is defined with a shorter […]

javascript DOM

javaScript DOM Navigation

With HTML DOM, all nodes in the node tree can be accessed with JavaScript. New nodes can be created and all nodes can be changed or deleted. Node Relationships The […]

javascript rest parameters

JavaScript Rest Parameters

When declaring the parameters of a function, the three-point and a parameter declared with a name give all the parameter values ​​as an array, except the parameters that were previously […]

javascript contructor

Using the Constructor Function

A function can be used to configure an object, or even to define a class. The name of the class created in this way is the name of the function. […]