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  1. Furkan başarılar.Yalnız burda bir paylaşım yaparken yerel dili kullanırsan daha faydalı olacağı kanatindeyim.Evet dijital platformun dili eng olabilir, fakat açıklayıcı dil Tr olması kanatindeyim.Bunu sitem değil bir fikir olarak kabul edersen sevinirim.Genc bir arkadasa benziyorsun ve güzel işler çıkarıyorsun.Bu alanda başarılı olmalıyız.Başarının payesi paylaşmak, paylaşmanın da gayesi anlaşılmak olmalıdır.Yolun açık olsun.

    20 yıllık visualbasic ci 🙂

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    • I did not understand your question. If you are asking: Do you take notes while learning the code? I usually don’t take notes when I take notes.But I’ve been writing what I’ve learned since opening this site.


  2. Hi, admin or whoever you are.
    I just want to say thank you! for what you did here, in your web.
    Truly inspiration for me to develop myself as beginner nerd 😀
    But, yeah, if there any possiblities for you to comment out about the code you write,
    a simple explanation about what will happen would be nice.
    Stay healthy and creative.

    Keep posting, THANK YOU!

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  3. Hi! First of all you are excellent. I am a beginner, learning web development on freecodecamp . I have a few questions.
    1} I also want to learn this CSS with full understanding, how have you learned this. please tell.
    2} Have you made this website using codes or websites like wordpress or wix.


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