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Month: July 2019

Python Generators

Generators are objects used to create iterable objects (eg functions) in Python and do not take up any memory space. For example, generating 100,000 values ​​and keeping them in a […]

Python Iterators

Python Iterators

We will try to learn how to create and use iterators and how to write our own objects as iterable. Let’s first try to understand what iterators are What are […]

Introduction to OOP with PHP

Introduction to OOP with PHP

PHP including, the other program languages almost all have OOP structure. That has certain reasons. For example; You are software engineer in a company. Suppose you write codes in this […]

PHP Delete Multiple Records

PHP Delete Multiple Records

Github: index.php result.php connect.php style.css

PHP Simple Mail System

Github: phpEmailSystem Simple PHP Email System Used technologies: HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT PHP MYSQL I designed a simple mail system from this project. In this mail system, I checked the […]


PHP var_dumb()

var_dump (): Used to access all structure and information of any variable. Example 1 string(15) “true codes .org” Example 2 int(2019)  Example 3 float(18.81)  Example 4 bool(true)  Example 5 NULL  […]

Value operations for data types in PHP

Value operations for data types in PHP

boolval () : Returns the boolean data type value of any variable content. intval () : Returns the integer data type value of any variable content. floatval () : Returns […]