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SQL Drived Table

A derived table is a table expression that appears in the FROM clause of a query. You can apply derived tables when the use of column aliases is not possible because another clause is processed by the SQL translator before the alias name is known.


  • All columns in the query to be used for “Derived table” must be named.
  • Column names must be unique.
  • If “ball” is used in the query to be used for the “drive” table, the order cannot be sorted by “order by”.

FROM BikeStores.sales.customers as cus
SQL Drived Table


FROM BikeStores.sales.customers as cus
	FROM BikeStores.sales.orders as ord
	WHERE ord.customer_id < 11
) data
ON cus.customer_id = data.customer_id
SQL Drived Table
SQL Drived Table

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