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Month: March 2019

SQL Pivot and Unpivot

SQL Pivot and Unpivot

You can use the PIVOT and UNPIVOT relational operators to change a table-valued expression into another table.

SQL Join Type Examples

SQL Join Type Examples

SQL Join Type Example 1 SQL Join Type Example 2 SQL Join Type Example 3 SQL Join Type Example 4 SQL Join Type Example 5 SQL Join Type Example 6 […]

Bike Stores SQL Database

Bike Stores SQL Database

Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new database in SQL Server and execute the script to load the sample database. First, you need to download the […]

Sales Orders Table (SQL)

Sales Orders Table (SQL)

order_id customer_id order_status order_date requiered_date shipped_date store_id staff_id 1 259 4 2016-01-01 2016-01-03 2016-01-03 1 2 2 1212 4 2016-01-01 2016-01-04 2016-01-03 2 6 3 523 4 2016-01-02 2016-01-05 2016-01-03 […]

Sales Customers Table (SQL)

Sales Customers Table (SQL)

1 Debra Burks NULL 9273 Thorne Ave. Orchard Park NY 14127 2 Kasha Todd NULL 910 Vine Street Campbell CA 95008 3 Tameka Fisher NULL 769C Honey […]

SQL Case When Statement

SQL Case When Statement

The switch used in the CASE function programming languages ​​is similar to the Swtich Case, Select Case structures. Actually, we can say the same thing. Of course, the decision structure […]