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DOM appendChild()

We may want to add a new item to an HTML document. The first step is to create the node (element) that you want to add, the next step is to find the location in the document where you want to add it, and the last step is to do so. The syntax used to create a node is very simple, you only call a method (method) of the document object.

  • createElement(): Creates a node of the specified name.
  • createTextNodeallows you to add text to the node you specify.
  • appendChild(): allows you to set where you want to node.
  • insertBefore()Used to add / move an existing item.
  • removeChild(): removes a specified child node of the specified item.
  • replaceChild():replaces a child node of the specified node with another node.
  • cloneNode(): creates a copy of a node, and returns the copy.
  • adoptNode(): This method is used to accept a node in another document.
  • hasChildNodes():Returns true if the specified node has a child node. Returns a false node if the specified node does not have a child node.
  • importNode(): This method imports another node from a document.

HTML DOM appendChild () Method

The appendChild () method adds a node to the end of the child elements of a specified parent node. If a particular child item references an existing node in the document, appendChild () moves it from its current location to the new location. The node is removed first, then added to the new location.

NOTE: You can also use this method to move an item from one item to another.

appendChild Examples

Example 1

appendChild Example

    <button onclick="divFunction()">ADD div</button>
    <button onclick="txtFunction()">ADD text</button>


        let div = document.createElement("div");
        function divFunction() {

        function txtFunction() {
            let txt = document.createTextNode("JavaScript");


Example 2

appendChild example

    <button onclick="divFunction()">ADD div</button>


        function divFunction() {
            let div = document.createElement("div");



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