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With the “getElementsByTagName” method we can access the html tags.

var elements = document.getElementsByTagName(name);

“document.getElementById()” difference:

Thanks to “document.getElementById() ” we could reach the tags with id.

With the “getElementsByTagName” method we can access the html tags.

id is given a single value. But the labels are not the only one. A code array can be used more than the same label. So when we use “getElementsByTagName”, if there are more than one of the same tag, we need to show which one we choose. We do this as shown below.

<p id="par1"></p>
<p id="par2"></p>
<p id="par3"></p>

        // id=par1
        param1 = document.getElementsByTagName("p")[0];

        // id=par2
        param2 = document.getElementsByTagName("p")[1];

        // id=par3
        param3 = document.getElementsByTagName("p")[2]; 


    <div id="container">
        <p id="par1">I am javaScript</p>
        <p id="par2">I am not javaScript</p>
        <p id="par3">We are javaScript</p>
    <button onclick="show();">SHOW</button>

        function show() {
            var a = document.getElementById("container");
            var b = a.getElementsByTagName("p");
   = "red";
            var i;
            for (i = 0; i < b.length; i++) {
                b[i].style.fontWeight = "bold";


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