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JavaScript Popup Boxes

Popup Window is one of the oldest methods used to show an additional document to the user.
The simplest way to use:'')

The page is opened in a new window. But modern browsers in the new window instead of opening it in the new tab will be more pleasant.

Popups were a multi-purpose tool without the AJAX method. Now you can reach all the tags in the background when you want.

The most annoying part about popups is that they sometimes open a new ad window by entering a site. This tip, malicious, no longer browsers, opens, pop-up warning that the windows are hidden.

But this problem is due to a pop-up window.

To get live support from a site consultant serving online. In this way, the chat is executed without interfering with the general operation and appearance of the site. This way it will be easier than both sites.


name: a name for the new window to be opened. important to give names if the window is to be used again
address: new window to open
Parameters: Enter the settings of the new window. separated by commas (no spaces). Below are all the window settings.
left: How many spaces to open from the left
 top: How much space to open from top
width (number): window width
height (number): window height
menubar (yes / no): Is the browser menu bar.
toolbar (yes / no): Will the browser be back and back tolbar
location (yes / no): hide url address (browsers don’t support for security reasons)
resizable (yes / no): Does the window size be changed

var Wopen = document.getElementById("openWindow"),
            settings = "width=500px,height=500px,top=200px,left=200px,resizable=yes";
Wopen.onclick = function () {
  "", "example page", settings)

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